Vocational Guidance Department

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Guidance tasks are developed in three main levels:


  • Coordinating weekly meetings and designing some of the material tutors work in class..
  • Analyzing the students’ interests, skills and attitude towards studying, in order to help them to take the best benefit possible from their capacities.
  • Trying to solve any problem everyday teaching and attending to classes might happen.
  • Coordinating information on grants, general academic guidance and so on.
  • Helping the students when making their own choices.
  • Providing them information on both university and vocational studies.
  • Giving them clues in order to stimulate self-knowledge and impulse their personal skills.
  • Carrying out an overall guidance in any problem those students might ever face concerning their academic life.
  • Meeting them whenever giving or exchanging information concerning the students is necessary.

  • Trying to impulse a positive attitude towards helping the students in both their growing up processes and their studies.

  • Suggesting them strategies for helping their children to cope with their everyday problems.


As we think parents’ commitment in the students’ educational processes is of the outmost importance, we always try to have a close relationship with them. For that reason, any student’s parents can ask for an appointment with the school advisor whenever they might feel it helpful or necessary.