2020-21 School year presentation

Irailaren 7an, astelehena


DBHko 1. mailako ikasleak:

 Goizeko 10:00etan

DBHko 2. mailako ikasleak:

Goizeko 10:30etan

DBHko 3. mailako ikasleak:

Goizeko 11:00etan

DBHko 4. mailako eta ZIG ikasleak:

Goizeko 11:30etan


   1. Batxilergoko eta Gela Egonkorreko ikasleak:

Eguerdiko 12:00etan

2. Batxilergoko ikasleak:

Eguerdiko 12:15etan


Heziketa Zikloetako ikasleak

Eguerdiko 12:30 etan


OSE - High School - Vocational Training Cycles

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Saturnino de la Peña High School

Gure Ikasetxearen sarrera“Saturnino de la Peña” High School in Sestao is a Public School which gives service to the town of Sestao and offers the highest quality for its students’ education. It was born as it is en the early 80’s in order to help the students of Sestao and surrounding areas take Professional Training. This Centre was badly needed by then, because of the special job features of the Left Bank (of the Ibaizabal river); but, due to the Industry rationalization process in the 90’s and the evolution of Biscay’s industrial sector, the School offer had to be transformed to meet the needs of the educative system itself and the surrounding area where the High School is located.